The Different Uses of Gold

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The Different Uses of Gold

The attributes of gold make it one of the world’s most valuable metals. Its special

properties allow it to be used in ways that are beneficial in all sorts of industries. Some

of these industries being electronics, dentistry/medicine, aerospace and of course


The most significant modern utilization of gold is in the production of electronics. A small

quantity of gold can be discovered in our everyday electronics such as phones,

calculators, computers, GPS units, televisions, etc. These solid state electronic devices

function by utilizing currents and very low voltages, which can easily cause tarnish and

corrosion. Gold is the perfect conductor to transport these small currents because of its

lack of corrosion properties. It is also able to be pressed flatter than any other metal,

allowing it to fit in all sorts of devices, big or small. Devices that contain gold

components are faster and more reliable than others.

For nearly 3,000 years gold has been used in dentistry. It is one of the oldest materials

used in this industry to help restore and align teeth. There are many benefits when it

comes to using gold in dentistry, the most vital one being that it is bio compatible. This

means that the human body wont have any negative/toxic reactions. Gold is durable

and seals well, meaning it reduces the chances of bacteria and can last for years. Due

to the fact that times are changing with medicine and technology, the use of gold in

dentistry has also evolved. What it may have been used for years ago, may not be its

primary use today. Regardless, there is always use for gold in this industry.

The use of gold in aerospace is riveting. The complexity when it comes to building a

spacecraft, satellite or any devices being launched into outer space is mind blowing.

Every aspect has to be carefully examined and must be perfectly built and executed.

With that being said the best of best should be used when dealing with such

sophisticated and complex machines. The fact that gold is the perfect conductor and

connector it is used for aeronautical circuitry. Gold will be able to sustain well without

lubrication and will not require much maintenance or repair for long periods of time.

Gold is also used in space suits! In order to protect astronauts from radiation and the

sun, a thin layer of gold is added to space suits. Gold’s reflective properties protect the

astronauts from the sun’s burning rays and heat. It can be said that this is the more

“glamorous” part of the aerospace industry.

The use of gold in the Jewelry industry is the most known. For thousands of years gold

has been used to make jewelry and decorative objects. According to statistics and

research, about 78% of gold that is newly mined or recycled is used to manufacture

jewelry. Now what makes gold the perfect metal for manufacturing jewelry, other than

the fact that it’s enticing? Gold properties include tarnish resistance and high luster. It

also has the ability to be molded and sculpted into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Its

beauty is also very alluring to the human eye. Other than its physical properties, through

tradition and social standards any piece of jewelry or object made of gold, is looked at

as more prestigious.

Although gold is used a lot in all these industries, it does not mean that it is the less

expensive option, it’s actually more expensive than any other precious metal. The

reason its used so much is because its properties make it the best option. The uses of

gold in some industries have only just started in the past few decades. The use and

demand for gold only increases as time goes on. It truly is a timeless metal.

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